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Publications and articles 1991-2014

Citizen Participation in Global Environmental Governance
Edited by Mikko Rask, Richard Worthington, Minna Lammi

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07.04.2014 Open call for “Establishment of a Network of Country Correspondents”.

CASI Mobilisation and Mutual Learning (MML) Action Plans: mainstreaming Science in Society actions in research

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31.03.2014 Can smart cities be sustainable innovation actors?

Cities have been recognized to be important economic actors. They can contribute to initiatives and long-term projects that build new innovation ecosystems which in turn can open new opportunities and perspectives.

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21.03.2014 National Consumer Research Centre transfers to the University

National Consumer Research Centre will join Faculty of Social Sciences in the beginning of 2015. The practicalities of the transfer are currently being decided.The National Consumer Research Centre will be housed at the Department of Political and Economic Studies, and will most likely retain its current Finnish name (Kuluttujatutkimuskeskus, KTK).

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31.01.2014 A market for commercial energy efficiency services is rising

Energy efficiency and demand response involve major business opportunities, enabled by the development and introduction of smart technology. New study by the research project “Energy efficiency services in Finland” by the National Consumer Research Centre, assessed the business potential of energy efficiency services through a consumer survey. The survey, which was directed at Finnish consumers mapped out insights on energy providers' experiences in this area, which were earlier mapped out through a pilot study conducted during a workshop. The pilot study identified the types of chargeable services which might attract private households. According to the new survey results, energy-saving devices and real-time consumption monitoring devices raised the most interest among the Finnish households. It should be noted, however, that consideration of services does not always translate into purchases, says senior researcher Kaisa Matschoss.

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02.10.2013 Changing Energy Demand Behavior - Potential of Demand-Side Management

There is a great theoretical potential to save resources by managing our demand for energy. People may respond to intensive incentives and encouragement in the short term, but if their social and physical context does not change, they will easily revert to their old behaviors once the interventions end. Dr. Sylvia Breukers, Dr. Ruth Mouri and Professor Eva Heiskanen introduce a socio-technical approach to energy demand-side management in their new article in Handbook of Sustainable Engineering.

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